Teaching & Learning

At The Areté Trust we are dedicated to excellence in teaching, learning and professional development. The Areté trust is the home of Thinking Hard a national programme we have developed and showcased though The PiXL Club Partnership to drive challenge for all learners in the classroom Our distinctive ethos of teaching and learning is based on our High Impact Teaching Strategies (HITS) and High Impact Learning Strategies (HILS) for students. 

High Impact Teaching Strategies

Our five High Impact Teaching Strategies (HITS) ensure challenge for all.  These five strategies guide our reflections and provide a framework for our professional development and monitoring and evaluation.  Each of the HITS are supported by reflective questions to support planning and development, key practical classroom strategies and a programme of professional development including research informed seminars and Professional Learning Groups.

Thinking Hard

High Impact Teaching Strategies 1 and 2 have formed the basis of Thinking Hard a national programme we have developed and showcased through The PiXL Club Partnership.