High Impact Teaching Strategies (HITS)

High Impact Teaching Strategies (HITS)

Our five High Impact Teaching Strategies (HITS) ensure challenge for all.  These five strategies guide our reflections and provide a framework for our professional development and monitoring and evaluation.  Each of the HITS are supported by reflective questions to support planning and development, key practical classroom strategies and a programme of professional development including research informed seminars and Professional Learning

High impact teaching strategy 1:

Planning for Memory

High impact teaching strategy 2:

Challenge for all: Thinking Hard

High impact teaching strategy 3:

Responsive Teaching

High impact teaching strategy 4:

Effective Questioning and Thinking Talk

High impact teaching strategy 5:

Scaffolding and Modelling

High Impact Learning Strategies (HILS)

To support our HITS, the High Impact Learning Strategies (HILS) are a toolbox of practical approaches to learning for all students.  These strategies are grounded in research and provide students with a language, structure and the practical tools to develop true independence in their learning. 

High impact learning strategy 1:

“Highly successful students try hard and think hard”

 High impact learning strategy 2:

“Highly successful students participate

 High impact learning strategy 3:

“Highly successful students know their strengths and weaknesses

High impact learning strategy 4:

“Highly successful students make the most of their teachers’ feedback

High impact learning strategy 5:

“Highly successful students take time to reflect on their work and their learning